GCC VR Short Film Festival 2017

A New Era of Immersive VR Content is Here

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Winning Entries

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2017 GCC Awards: Best Writing

Vostok VR

2017 GCC Awards: Best Interative Film

Visense Studio
Start VR

2017 GCC Awards: Best Visual Effects

2017 GCC Awards: Best Documentary


2017 GCC Awards: Best Travelogue


2017 GCC Awards: Best Original Film

2017 GCC Awards: Best Commercial Adaptation

2017 GCC Awards: Bright Talents Award

  • 埃舍尔科技
  • 幂境VR
  • StartVR
  • 道通传媒
  • HEY VR
  • VostokVR
  • BBmedia株式会社
  • EVR工作室
  • Visense Studio
  • Submarine Channel

A New Era of Immersive VR Content is Here

2016 was the advant of a diversed range of 360 degrees video production equipment that are now at your disposal. The distribution processes are now ever streamlined for your audience.
With such a low barrier of entry, there is no better time to pioneer groundbreaking content and unleash your creativity than now.

What are you waiting for?

Film Festival Introduction

2017 Global Creators Community VR Short Film Festival is spearheaded by UCCVR and jointly organized SMG, Jaunt China and Youku VR; All with a common goal of bringing the best out of you, Creators.
This film festival aims to inspire and spark the creation of outstanding VR content in the community, providing a platform to link budding VR film producers and creative individuals to investors all over the world.

Are You the Next VR Film Legend?

Jointly organized by four leaders in their respective industry, resources are pooled together from the television and broadcasting industry, VR 360 shooting technologies, video streaming platforms and content venture capitalists.
This unprecedented stage is set for all who are ready to dive deep into the VR film making industry.
No matter whether you are a studio, a professional team, an amateur or hobbyist, this stage is waiting for you.

Film Festival Timeline

GCC VR Short Film Fest Timeline

What You can Expect

Award Categories:

Categories include a variety of professional and fans category awards.


A comprehensive list of judges comprising of experts and veterans from the VR, film and television industries will be announced at a later date. Stay tuned!


A comprehensive list of selection criterias will be announced really soon!


Prizes include huge cash prizes, high-resolution VR shooting equipments, rights to top quality distribution channels and many other lucrative prizes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I participate in the film festival?

A: The official registration will be in late February, at the meantime do pre-register to stay up to date with the latest happenings!

Q: Who can participate in this film festival?

A: Everyone from a VR Studio, VR shooting team or as an individual and creative talent are welcome to sign up.

Q: How do I attend the meetups sessions organized for this film festival?

A: Firstly, the meetups are non-compulsory and only act as an platform for us to invite industry experts to share on their knowledge. These are currently exclusively scheduled to happen in China. If you are currently based in China and hope to attend these meetups, please follow our WeChat account for the latest news regarding these events!

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